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Teen Pot Use

Teen Pot Use Teen pot use is on the rise. Yes, your teen has probably tried it. No, pot is not harmless just because it is a “natural herb.” Yes, pot can hurt your teen’s develop [...]

Am I An Alcoholic

Am I An Alcoholic? For way too many teens, there is a point where they realize that their drinking is out of control and they are forced to ask themselves: “Am I an alcoholic?” It [...]

Teens in Summer Camp

Benefits for Teens in Summer Camp The benefits for teens in summer camp are numerous. Beyond the obvious advantages like boredom relief and physical exercise, there are numerous [...]

Teen Drinking

Teen Drinking Good or bad, teen drinking is a reality. In fact, according to the CDC, alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among people aged 12 to 20 years in the US [...]

Depression in Teens

Depression in Teens Depression in teens is a real, serious, and ever-increasing issue. It is a serious mental health problem that can cause teen to lose interest in activities an [...]

Teenage Stress

Teenage Stress Teenage stress is more pervasive that most believe. Teens are bombarded by stress every day and in a variety of ways: excelling in school, making the right friends, [...]

Teenage Anxiety

Teenage Anxiety Teenage anxiety is a very normal part of the adolescent and teen years; these years can be some of the most stressful in a person’s whole life. Some anxiety can be [...]

Blended Families

Blended Families Blended families, also known as step-families, are created when a couple comes together with existing children from one or both of their previous relationships. [...]

Teen Struggles

Teen Struggles Teen struggles specifics have changed over time but they still represent an overwhelming obstacle to achieving a balanced adulthood. Bullying, social media, peer p [...]

Painful Emotions

How to Help Your Teen Deal with Painful Emotions Distracting Your Teen from Painful Emotions It is very painful for parents to see their teenagers dealing with painful emotions o [...]

Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression The signs of depression may be hard for many parents and teens to recognize and may even surprise many. Depression is often a tricky disorder and can sneak [...]

Existential Fear

Existential Fear In Teenagers Existential fear is fear arising from a growing and undeniable recognition that death is inescapable. It is more than a logical realization. It is t [...]

Bottling Up Feelings

Is My Teenager Emotionally Strong? Or Bottling Up Feelings? It's a common belief that being strong means bottling up feelings... not showing emotions, pain or vulnerability. In r [...]

ADHD Symptoms

The Meaning of ADHD Symptoms in Adolescents ADHD symptoms are largely viewed in our culture as a medical problem that requires medication. Doctors and parents seem much more comf [...]

Talk About Sex

Talk to Your Teen About Sex: If You Don't Teach Them, Who Will? To talk about sex is daunting, embarrassing, and often scary... especially when you need to talk about sex with yo [...]

Make Rules Together

Parents and Teens Should Make Rules Together Make rules together! This may seem to go against the nature of many families but can often make all the difference in relationships b [...]

Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling Divorce counseling for families and teens becomes more important each year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost half of all marriages end in divorce; [...]

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