Divorce Counseling

How to Talk to Your Teen About Divorce

Divorce counseling for families and teens becomes more important each year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost half of all marriages end in divorce; this means that someone files for divorce every 13 seconds. Because divorce happens so often, one might think that it would become commonplace or easy; unfortunately, that it rarely the case. Divorce is the end of one way of life and the prospect of such a monumental change can be highly stressful, emotional, and confusing for an entire family. It is truly a major life transition and, as such, can be completely overwhelming.

That said teens and families do not have to tackle divorce alone. Divorce counseling can help families in the community through the difficult divorce process. Divorce counseling helps people to explore, recognize, and resolve conflicts so that both of you can move forward after a divorce; giving both of you the tools and resources you need to emerge in a healthy and happy manner. If you have reached the point in your relationship where marriage counseling is no longer a viable option and divorce is inevitable, then we are here to help. We approach divorce counseling in two stages: pre-divorce and post-divorce.

Divorce Counseling

What happens during pre-divorce counseling?
The help of a divorce counselor before a divorce can help both parties communicate as effectively and civilly throughout the process; especially important if there are teens or children involved. Counseling prior to a divorce can help you prepare your feelings, emotions, and coping skills for the upcoming divorce process. It helps you organize your thoughts and tasks so that you are as prepared as possible.

What to expect during post-divorce counseling?
Divorce is disruptive; there is no doubt about it! Even the most amicable divorces can lead to profound emotions such as sadness, stress, and grief. As for the not so amicable, it can be utterly overwhelming. Divorce counseling can help you make sense of the uncertainty. It can allow you and your teens to talk through your feelings and embark upon your new stage of life with confidence and direction; prepare for the new adventure that lies in front of all of you.

How can divorce counseling help?
We understand how difficult divorce can be and believe that you should never underestimate its impact on you and your family. Allow yourself the time to fully grieve the loss of the relationship, the companionship, the support, and any plans for the future you had created together. This process is not meant to be accomplished alone – friends, family, support groups or a professional divorce counselor are important in the divorce recovery process.

Divorce counseling can…

  • Help you and your teens work through the stages of divorce
  • Teach you and your family the necessary coping skills to deal with the emotional pain of divorce
  • Provide a forum for the entire family to receive counseling and support
  • Provide relationship coaching to help you understand the reason the relationship failed and prevent future relationship problems

Again, you do not, and should not, go through the divorce process alone. We provide an open and honest environment to help you through the emotionally difficult situation. We are here to support you and your teens and to make sure that you have the tools and resources to make it through the divorce process with confidence, hope, and strength.

Miguel Brown is here to help you start that conversation with humor, understanding, and sincerity. To learn more about teen issues and how to best work through them, then you can Schedule an Appointment online or give us a call at 786-664-7426.

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