Miami Teen Counseling

Miami Teen Counseling

Miami Teen Counseling is proudly owned and operated by Miguel Brown. Miami Teen Counseling expertly teams a safe sanctuary with professional counseling services for teenagers and their and families throughout Coconut Grove and the greater Miami area. Our mission is to help teens and their families recognize and then cope with situations that have developed beyond normal “growing pains” and into bigger and more serious concerns. We know that the teenage years can be traumatic, hectic, and uncertain; and, that this distress can leave a family feeling lost, frustrated, and helpless. With all of this emotion and stress, situations can quickly escalate and become overwhelming!

Miami Teen Counseling is here to help enhance confidence, communication skills, self-worth, family cohesiveness, and academic achievement. We will help teens and their families gain the skills needed to maintain healthy boundaries, improve stress tolerance, and enhance decision-making skills. Miami Teen Counseling offers a safe space for teens to rediscover family balance and to develop the skills needed to grow into confident and healthy adults.


Miami Teen Counseling offers an effective and safe environment for you, your teenager, and your family to identify and work through issues that might otherwise be overwhelming and detrimental to your teen and the family as a whole. We can help you each develop the skills need to communicate and interact in healthy and constructive ways. As you are considering Miami Teen Counseling, some questions you may ask yourself…

Is your teenager struggling with behavior or emotional troubles? | Is your teenager showing signs of depression or anxiety? | Have you caught your teen smoking marijuana or taking other drugs? | Is your child’s behavior causing family issues or marital disagreements? | Does your teenager have angry outbursts? | Do you feel powerless to help?

If you answered yes to any of these, then we can help. Adolescence can be about more than simply surviving… we can give your teen the tools they need to thrive! Learn more about our services below and contact us to schedule an appointment. Change starts today.

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    Approach to Teen Counseling

    At Miami Teen Counseling, we believe that therapy should be so much more than symptom reduction; it should give you the tools to move forward better than you were.

    There is no “magic button” or quick fix in counseling. It is not like having an infection where you can go to the doctor and he or she does what they can to fix it. The mission of counseling is much more expansive and interactive. It takes some effort but it does work! Counseling not only addresses and eliminates symptoms but it also heals and grows the entire person. It increases self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. With counseling, you develop the skills needed to better deal with life’s hardships, traumas, and crushing disappointments. In addition, you become better able to love, work, and play. Your sense of personal freedom and understanding expands and becomes more realistic and adaptive. These benefits increase even after counseling is over and last for the rest of your life. Counseling not only heals the person… it grows the person.

    “For teenagers learning who they are and what they want to become counseling can be an extremely enriching personal experience.” ~ Miguel Brown




    Current News and Information

    Expressing yourself in safe confidence with an experienced therapist can make a huge difference. I am interested in going on this healing path with you.

    Miami Teen Counseling Is Here For You

    “I love my work and I have a passion for helping others get through tough times. I have a strong desire to help teenagers and their families and it is my area of specialization. That is why I named my practice Miami Teen Counseling. It is incredibly rewarding to see the changes that happen in teens and their families during the counseling process. I care about seeing people grow in an genuinely positive way!” ~ Miguel Brown

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